Clothes are Necessity for Human Being

Published: 11th February 2011
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Clothes for men and women are one of those essential thing without which men or women cannot think about his or her living. Clothes are as important for human being as the other commodities alike solid food and water. Clothes fundamentally used to cover and hide the body and to avoid our body from the outer environment. Now a dayís people are using the cloths as a fashion and style and clothing has immense potential as it covers the whole world of creativity. It is a highly dynamic industry.

Prevent the body of the human being from the outer atmosphere is conception of the clothes is made to but we convert the meaning of the cloths as time pass away. Today fabric making is a multi-million dollar industry. When our ancestors realized first time 10000 to 50000 years ago people lived in forest could take the skin off animals and utilize it to keep them warm was when man first invented clothes. Those people of those times were also not as advanced as we are in those days. They use the skins of animals and leaves of the tree to hide their skin and body. In those days there was no idea of clothes.

The World of today turn the cloths into the fashion and take this necessary so advanced that some countries of the world canít afford this product. This is false because clothes should be accessible to all human and without any kind of favoritism. Cotton is the main stuff for making the cloth. Now a dayís 1/4% of people of the world is in the occupation of the clothes, some of them made the cotton crop in their fields, someone turns the cotton into the thread with the help of machines, and some of them make raw cloth with the help of thread and then some of them sales it. In between all untold actions there are numerous small activities by which people are operating their expenses.

Today we look for fancy clothes with attractive colors, designs. They want to have good appearance. They have turned highly conscious about fashion. Cloths are not remained a specific necessity but has became into style. Many clothing and fashion business firms are now working all over the world. There are so many fashion designers who are producing and design new outfits. Fashion designers organized fashion shows where they display their stylish creations. This industry is continuously converting. This civilized society has made different types of cloth codes for different types of events in those days.

The word of clothes is now changing into the word dress. There are so many different types of cloths for both men and women which they use at different occasion. The expense on the clothes is one of those expenses which one cannot neglect while making the budget of his house. Like the other item dresses are also needed. This need starts from the day child born. The right dresses are also essential to move in a high society because people of the high society give regard to only those people who are used to clothing the reputable dresses.

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